bullet1 Look at parent branch   To come


bullet2 Fixes

  • Clarify what a URI identifies?
    URIs and Resources -- what is the exact relationship;  also entities, etc.

  • Base and relative URIs
    E.g. problems of XML namespace debate

  • Other fundamentals?
    Lack common acceptance of underlying principles

  • Formalization of informal usage
    E.g. ISBNs

  • Confusing   Human readable?
    Is this an issue to be considered here?

  • Confusing   Legacy support?
    Is this an issue to be considered here?

  • Comparison of URIs


bullet2 New

  • Resolution (DDDS)
    Services for resolving URIs (to some entity)

    • level?
      Application level use, of transfer protocol (transport)?

  • Metadata (Rescap, RDDL)
    Services for retrieving metadata associated with URIs

  • Persistence
  • XML integration into model?
  • Uniform handling of diverse schemes?
  • Comprehensive standard
    See document: http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-daigle-uri-std-01.txt