45th IETF in Oslo

England - Sweden - Norway, July 1999

Pictures from the journey - stage 2: Ferry journey to Göteborg, Sweden

This is such a calm, civilized way to travel! Though it can get a little boring at times.

Views from the ferry leaving Newcastle, passing through the old shipbuilding areas of Newcastle. North Shields, which not so many years previously used to be in the working heart of the shipbuilding area, has now been converted into "des res" waterfront apartments.
The car ferry that took us from Newcastle to Göteborg.
A navigation beacon (a mini-lighthouse) at the seaward end of the Tyne navigation channel.
Sunset over the open sea...
...and waking up to see lighthouses on remote outcrops of land in the approaches to Kristiansand.
Approaching Göteborg later the same day. First the rocky outcrops and lighthouses...
... and some time later, the industrial port area of Göteborg city.

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