45th IETF in Oslo

England - Sweden - Norway, July 1999

Pictures from the journey - stage 3: Trollhättan, Göta canal

At Trollhättan, the Göta river passes through a constriction in the landscape, with a rapid change in level. All of the river's flow is tapped for hydro-electric power generation, and a series of locks takes a canal past the (one-time) falls to provide passage for river traffic. Upstream leads to Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Europe. Downstream leads to Göteborg. We stayed overnight here in a campsite by the river.

One of two disused lock flights past the Trollhättan falls. The Göta river is an important atery and there have long been locks here to allow river traffic to pass.
A working lock of a flight of four locks that have replaced two earlier lock flights.
Evening over the Göta river channel to the top of the lock flight, viewed from the Trollhättan campsite.

Right: the waterfalls at Trollhättan. Now, the entire flow of the Göta river is used for hydro-electric power generation. Once a year, there is a local week-long festival, during which the waters are permitted to cascade down their ancient course.

Below: outflow from the hydo-electric generating plant.

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