45th IETF in Oslo

England - Sweden - Norway, July 1999

Pictures from the journey - Oslo, and IETF social event hosted by Ericsson

We spent just under a week staying in Oslo, with a little time out for looking round the city. The excellent IETF social event, hosted by Ericsson, was held at the site of some maritime-historical museums, housing Thor Heyerdahl's original Kon-Tiki raft, and the ship Fram, and old wooden sailing vessel used for arctic exploration.

Oslo is home to some wonderful and sometimes surprising street furniture. The statues of a reindeer(?) family among the trees, and the "dandelion" fountain are just a couple.

The IETF social event - there really was something for everyone here.

Right: the Arctic exploration ship, Fram.

Below: food and entertainment on the waterfront, looking back across the Fjord to towards central Oslo.

Above, right:Views from the IETF conference hotel bar, looking toward the Fjord. Shame about the weather.

Below: The hotel itself stands out somkewhat from the surrounding architecture.

Clicking on the image below will retreive a high-resolution composite view (120Kb).

Oslo's Vigeland park. An unusual, fascinating park, combining these very distinctive scuptures with open space, trees, gardens and water. (See here for more details.)

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