45th IETF in Oslo

England - Sweden - Norway, July 1999

Pictures from the journey - Through the Norwegian mountains to Utne

After the IETF week, we travelled west to the Fjords, by way of Utne. Our first day on leaving Oslo took us by a route that skirts the southern edge of the Hardangervidda mountain plateua, and then down the the Fjords and Utne.

Left: Heading towards the mountains, a small town whose main purpose seems to be the collection of felled timber in its lake.

Below: A popular rest-stop at a junction on the way to the mountains. Even the Norwegians can occasionally do a tacky bit for the tourists.

In the mountains... above the tree- and snow-line.

A pair of mountain waterfalls, picked at random from many on display...

Utne: A sleepy settlement on Hardanger Fjord, with a fine tourist hotel, a car ferry and a craft museum...

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