ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002

bullet1 Zoran Milosevic

bullet2 BCA and trust issues

These issues each affect certain aspects of the BCA architecture

bullet3 Uncertainty about partners

bullet3 Aspects of security

bullet3 Fairness

bullet3 Trust mechanisms

Advisors, mediatiors, ... (2 more mentioned)

bullet3 Enforcement

  • Discretionary (optimistic)
  • Non-discretionary (pesstimistic)
  • Mediation and arbitrarion approach
    Mediator makes recommendation, may settle


    Invoke arbitration

  • Determination
    Use of subjective logic (Josang)

    Interesting use of triangle space to represent SL value

    I tend to think there's no evidence this stuff is useful in practice.

    (Consider difficulty of picking definite approach for content negotiation and q-values)

  • 5-level model
    execution, mediation, arbitration, correction, failure