ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002

bullet1 First day summaries

bullet2 Modellers

Paddy Nixon

Trust & requirements engineering - capture trust requirements clearly and precisely => system implementation can keep them coherent.  Need whole-systems view.  Does that view have to progagae to the implementation.  Tangible trust services, or just model trust?

SECURE project - trust of ubiquitous roaming entities.  Infrastructure for global computing.  Identity != Trust.  No common computing base.  Security orthogonal to trust.  Formal framework for describing trust, computationally tractable.  Killer application:  distributed spam filtering.

Uselessness of attributing numbers -- uses partial ordering.

Andrew Jones -- agent viewpoint.  Definitions of concepts of trust, around 5 scenarios.  Regularity, obligation, informing, ....(2 others)   Rule belief, conformity belief. Observation:  paper about trust management systems - also issue of benevolence.

Stefano S?.  Persistence of conversations.

Theo D:  (40 slides)  Notion of service oriented viewpoint - working defn of trust (measurable, time, dependable, context, ...).  Dependability in terms of: Security, safety, ... (3 others).  Distrust based on non-dependability.  See Theo's papers.