ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002

bullet1 Final plenary session

bullet2 Models

Trust and mobility

- need simple meaning of trust

- ePassports for agents, annotated as agent interacts with environment;  eVisas?  eLandingCards?

Christiano ...

Belief and goal-based model of trust

Background knowledge management...

How should system react to unknown entities

Difference human/machine interpretations

Logic of trust - linked to risk and betting

Juan Bicarregui

Semantics of info hiding

Link between info hiding and trust

Background prog lang based

Semantics of elementary prog constructs

Semantics of R? Frames;  (non-interferance properties ...?)


Support for contract drafting

Trust in party to contract

Trust in controls and framework

Risk as combination of probability and damage resulting (standard statistical expectation)

Andrew Jones:  conclusions (personal view);  great deal of chaos re definitions of trust, confusion of what is required of definition.  Different factors are mixed together.  Three strands to systamatic characterization:  Christiano, Theo, own...  Sufficient common ground to hope to move toward presentation of definition. Good deal of work needs to be done to establish this common ground.