Issue name: 101-MonotonicLogic

Mention that RDF is monotonic logic

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Pat Hayes
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Monotonic logic as a design decision.

Couldnt find a suitable reference (!! bummer indeed) so modified this
text. It is now broken out as a paragraph:

"RDF is an assertional logic, in which each triple expresses a simple
proposition. This imposes a fairly strict monotonic discipline on the
language, so that it cannot express closed-world assumptions, local
default preferences, and several other commonly used non-monotonic
constructs. "

@@I'd like to make it clear that this particular point isnt just
something we didnt get around to, but a positive decision we made.

@@I would like us to have this stated explicitly somewhere, and the
concepts doc is the obvious place. Hint, hint?? This is actually
quite timely, as there is mounting political pressure (mostly from
the RuleML folk) to insert highly nonmonotonic extensions into the
webont mix, and I'd like us to lock down the point that anything
non-mon is not an RDF semantic extension.


2002-12-15: Raised



Request that the concept document contain specific text pointing out that RDF is a monotonic logic.