45th IETF in Oslo

England - Sweden - Norway, July 1999

Pictures from the journey

My wife and I travelled to Oslo by road and sea, outward by way of Göteborg and Trollhättan and returning via south Norwegian mountain and fjord regions. These pages contain mostly pictures; there's another page here that contains some commentary written at the time.

There are many pictures split over a number of pages.

Click on an image or description below to see a page. The pages are designed to be displayed with at least 1024 horizontal pixels. Click on an image within a page to retrieve the full-sized image (typically, several hundred Kb each).

Tynemouth, Newcastle, England
Ferry journey to Göteborg, Sweden
Trollhättan, Göta canal
North from Göteborg - the Bohuslän coast
Oslo, and IETF social event hosted by Ericsson
Through the Norwegian mountains to Utne
Utne, Hardanger Fjord, to Kristiansand
Fjordlands near Kristiansand
Return to Newcastle, Tyneside

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