W3C technical plenary meeting

La Napoule, Cannes-Mandelieu

February-March 2002

Panoramic view from conference hotel patio
Panoramic view from the conference hotel patio, stitched together from several separate images. This is where coffee and snacks were served in the breaks between sessions.

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View from Mandelieu towards Cannes
Another panoramic view, from Mandelieu across the bay toward Cannes. I forgot to set exposure lock for this sequence, hence the vertical darker bands :-( Snow-covered mountains can be seen in the background.

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Woods around Mandelieu golf course The wooded golf course in Mandelieu. The trees have a particularly interesting branching structure, a bit like cauliflowers on big sticks.

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Life in Mandelieu? One can see why people are attacted to the French Riviera, even if the accomodation can seem to be rather shoehorned into the landscape.

Note that this was taken at the end of February.

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Living in Mandelieu?

And they still have circuses with real animals!

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