ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002


ITrust is an EU-funded working group that brings together researchers and practitioners across a range of disciplines (computer science to moral philosophy) to develop models and techniques for dealing with trust in open dynamic systems.  We've just held a 3-day workshop in Glasgow, and next spring the group will host a 3-day conference in Crete.

The groups aims are to explore the role of trust, and its interactions with security and authorization concerns.  Effective trust modelling is believed to be an enabler for a range of new computing services including enhanced e-commerce, ubiquitous computing, grid computing, online communities and probably a variety of collaborative/cooperative online activities that we haven't begun to imagine.

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The Conference

The conference aims to bring together a diverse range of disciplines with bearing on the issue of trust, and its role in open systems.  A high level of academic participation is anticipated. As an industry (applied) researcher, my hope for the conference is to identify who is doing what in terms of interesting and relevant research, and also to influence research directions through discussion of commercial concerns.

The conference will be held in Crete on 28-30 May, 2003 (this being the week after WWW2003 in Budapest).

One important strand of the conference is to take note of the relevant standards work that is already being developed, with a view to better understanding the role and possible interaction of trust with existing thinking in related areas (security, authorization, contract formation, etc.)

Consideration is also being given to running some tutorials at the conference.

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