IETF messaging-related work

This directory contains notes, mostly links to Internet drafts and RFCs, related to IETF messaging protocols and formats.

XML format for email and other messages

There are a number of Internet applications that interact with email and other messaging services in various ways: message stores, mailing list web archives, syndication services and web logs are just a few possibilities. The trend for many of these applications is to use XML in the management and exchange of information, and more recently RDF/XML is finding use for information that can be used by a number of different applications.

The proposed XML message format takes the semantic content of RFC2822 email messages as its starting point, and aims to faithfully capture the significant elements, e.g., such that the original email message can be reproduced modulo minor formatting differences. The extensibility of XML will naturally allow semantics of other message formats (e.g news, instant messaging) to be added in. The message format defines strategies for dealing with binary (non-textual) content in conjunction with its use of XML for message metadata.

The message structure is based on XML, but is also compatible with RDF/XML, in order to be directly accessible to a growing range of RDF tools and usable with RDF-based applications such as RSS.

Further information:

Message header registry

This proposal has been IETF last-called as BCP. It creates a registry of message header fields for a variety of similar message formats (email, news, http and maybe others). In cource, this registry can define the population of namespaces that in turn can be used by the message format proposal.

Instant messaging

Application exchange (Apex)

Internet Fax and Voice messaging

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