ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002

bullet1 First day summaries

bullet2 Architecture

Christos:  Rubber hits the road


(Emil) Problems of conflicts...  Trust can refine to a set of policies.

Brian Matthews.  Seems to be a consensus that Sweb will be where these notions are ultimately tested.

Author-X.  Careful about how many keys we generate -- keygen is expensive.  Selective access control is required.

Morris Slopan:  spen and anal in Internet apps.  Conflicts and dependencies to be detected and resolved.  Mapping... to trust.  Relation between trust and risk.

Babak S:  delegation... reasoning about delegation chains

?: using simulation...  formation, evolution, exploitation.  Specific app scenarios in SECURE project.

Limitations of OCSP as technology...  many assumptions.

Simon Shiu: use of trust h/w ... expectation of due diligence

David Chadwick:  new defn of trust willingness of vulnerability.

me: Crypto conveys trust, not establish it.


Intervention - link between trust and reliability work.


Complex technical problems, each takes much effort, and the broader goal is ambitious and important.  Need to be careful about vocabulary used.  Many misunderstandings.