ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002

bullet1 First day summaries

bullet2 Legal

Jon ?, U Oslo:

Virtual organizations contain different legal entities, presenting as a single entity.  Have inner life and externally visible life.  [How is this different from a physical corporation?]

4 stages: business opportunity, constitutional phase, operational phase, closing phase.

Trust plays an important role.  Consider precontractural liability, good faith, disclosure.

Mike C, HP: Glimpses into role of trust services;  elements need to be backed up by 3rd party trust.  3 types:  trust establishment, transaction trust (e.g. escrow), accountability/audit (records). Trusted time service, trusted storage service. ... Liability a big issue.


Not specifically part of the legal process, but is an underlying value of the legal process.  Legal regime relies on existence of trust, with remedies to corect transgressions.