ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002

bullet1 TrustCOM

bullet2 Need for clarifying structure

Salesman has spoken -- all that remains is to deliver...


+ start


+ submission: ~ Nov 2003

Team for coordination:

Theo and Babak

Various people volunteered to be part of ccordinating team

Project structure

Alternatives: FP6 IP approach, collection of FP5s.  1st preferred for management reasons.

Vertical projects:  idea-, approach-, goal-focused

Requirements:  must influence vertical projects to achieve coherence

Integration of platform components

Evaluation - concern industrial competitive edge for Europe

Results: industrial  (from practical projects, from ??.)

Software?  Architectures?  Proof of validity by demonstration?  Standards?  Methodology?

Results: scientific?

Christos:  results comensurate with millions of Euros?  Need to think in terms on "man on the moon".


Scenario.  (e.g. )

Grid?: "a cure for cancer through advanced computational facility access"

What? Why? Who cares?


Christian Jenssen: "secure collaboration in low-trust environments" - part of SECURE project, etc