ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002

bullet1 TrustCOM

bullet2 Projects

Christos:  need an "IT", as in "this is ...".  Clear, direct appeal, worth

bullet3 Multi-agent system

Stefan ?

Multi-agent system (MAS) as 2nd gen GRID?

MAS: communicative, semantic, generic interaction patterns, agent autonomy

Dynamic, heterogeneous, (1 more)

Trust without security?  Yes, but... dififcult - trust in chaos?

Security without trust?  [yes says yes, but... I say no]

Need to integrate with security, even f is not security

Asset view to security management.  Trust and security are safeguards for system, but also assets.

T&S as enablers for open system services.

Privacy, T&S for ubiquitous services.  (ubiq rather than open??)

US focus on privacy: 2nd party, EU 1st party

bullet3 Virtual research communities

Stefano Cerri

Proposed EoI Virtual Institute on Agricultural Development

CIRAD Montpellier (2000 researchers) - ICGA

Bringing together researchers from around the world to work together.  But do they collaborate?  No.  Why?  Different economic, scientific and technical interests.

Also involve in the project:  

lawyers,  .. links to KPMG...

OO (KMI) ...     (ref virtual theatre project with sun?)


See also:

bullet3 Contract management, etc

Zoran M

... various ideas for sub-projects