ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002

bullet1 Steering committee

bullet2 Conference

1st International/European Conference on Trust


May 28-30 2003 (week after www2003)

Stu Feldman invited speaker

Fee: 250-500 Euros - to include 1-2 dinners.  300 Euros proposed.  (1st SWWS was $200)

?Location: Kalmera Kriti, Heraklion

?How many expected:  100-200 are good numbers.  Should allow for as few as 70.


?Internet access

Steering committee: ITrust

Program committee:  

Registration fee for non-ITrust members


Submission of papers: 2003-2-03

... (see later notes)

Conference Chair: Christos

bullet3 Program committee

Topics need to be decided 1st

Try to involve outsiders

Program chair: