ITrust workshop Glasgow 2-4 Sep 2002

bullet1 Steering committee

bullet2 Standards

Link to standards body?

W3C is promoting SWeb;  W3C is consciously examining society and legal issues.

What is the practical implication - a person - report of sweb activities of interest - special session on standards - bodies provide speakers -

CLRC is UK office for W3C.

(a) alert of SWeb issues of relevance

(b) volunteer to organize standards session

(c) ask for W3C presentation on WoTrust

** Provide names to Christos

Global Grid Forum (?)  Participant driven, individual and corporate membership (sounds like OASIS)

FIPA (?)  Federation of Information Processing Agents (?)

OASIS - investigate possibilities (contact Eve Maler)

(Treat conference as venue to establish links.)