Semantic Web Advanced Development - Europe


The SWAD-Europe project aims to support W3C's Semantic Web initiative in Europe, providing targeted research, demonstrations and outreach to ensure Semantic Web technologies move into the mainstream of networked computing.

I have been involved in this project through some work for Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, exploring use of Semantic Web technologies to model and manipulate trust in open systems, looking initially at authorization and access control issues.


My related pages

Notes about trust and the Semantic Web

Authorization and trust scenarios

Home network access control demonstration

Demonstration using RDF tools to create network configuration files (DHCP, DNS, Cisco router script) related to access control. This is some experimental work to explore some ideas coming from the trust notes cited above.

NOTE: this is an exploration and demonstration of an idea, not a refined software tool: there are a number of known problems with the generated configuration files.

Experimenting with Cwm rules

Having found initially that it wasn't obvious how to manipulate access permissions with Cwm rules, I have tried some experiments with Cwm rules. So far, the ideas I've tried have not worked: I don't know if it's a bug or a limitation with Cwm (but the fact that Cwm falls over when asked to process its own output isn't encouraging).

On the second run, I get the following error from Cwm:

File "F:\W3C\swap1111\", line 482, in the
assert len(hits) == 1, "There should only be one match for %s %s %s." %(subj, pred, obj)
AssertionError: There should only be one match for _g1 first None.

SWAD-E Project notes

Calendaring workshop - 9 October 2002

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