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This directory contains my personal notes relating to the iTrust working group.

The iTrust Working Group is an EU-funded activity that brings together researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines (computer science, sociology, economics, law, philosophy) to develop models and techniques for dealing with trust in open dynamic systems.

The group's aims are to explore the role of trust, and its interactions with security and authorization concerns. Effective trust modelling is believed to be an enabler for a range of new computing services including enhanced e-commerce, ubiquitous computing, grid computing, online communities and probably a variety of collaborative/cooperative online activities that we haven't begun to imagine.

iTrust 2005, the Third International Conference on Trust Management, is scheduled to take place at Rocquencourt, near Paris, from 23rd to 26th May 2005. Details:

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First working group meeting: 2-4 September 2002, Glasgow

Third working group internal meeting: 6-9 October 2004, Dortmund

Presentations and notes about trust

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